Installing outdoor lighting for garden may be challenging. Apart from the cost of lights, you will want to hire a professional electrician to install it for you.

Solar garden lights are gaining popularity, and more people are turning to it. They are relatively cheap, the installation is easy, and most people can install it, and when you want to change the position, it can be easily relocated. It will also help in saving on electrical cost.

For long, solar lights didn’t emit enough light and most people afforded them for their dim light. Most of them were not reliable. However, this isn’t the case anymore. This started when the filament bulbs were replaced with super bright LEDs. Unlike the ordinary bulbs, light emitting diodes doesn’t generate a lot of heat that will lead to huge loss of power. They are very bright even they consume less electricity. They are reliable. These bulbs are long-lasting, and you won’t have to replace them over and over again.

Apart from the efficiency of LED lights, there has been the development of photovoltaic cells. They are more efficient than before. There have been developments in the circuitry and better batteries. These lights will make your garden look great while at the same time offering security. They can perform for a well even during the winter without affecting the performance.

Top 5 Best Solar Garden Lights 2019

1) IMISS Lighting 9.8-Inch LED Solar Garden Lights

Best Solar Garden Lights
  • DURABLE MATERIAL – Heavy Duty ABS+PC Plastic,Milk White Globe ball Design,Outdoor waterproof and heatproof,used for Outdoors.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – 9.8” x 9.8” x 11.8”,AA Batteries included( 6W,3.7v/4000mA Lithium Battery).
  • TWO USES – SOLAR ENERY (Exposed to the Sunlight) Only takes 6-8 hours to fully charge.Working more 10 hours. and Electricity(Link Base of Bottom Corded-electric Wire ).
  • NO NEED MAINTANCE – Automatic Turns on Automatically at Dusk and off at Sunrise.Apply to Hallways,Deck,Step,Yard,Fence,Patio,Garden,Driveway, School, Hospital and Other Public Places.
  • ATTENTIONS – Be sure to be undamaged after receiving the item! Please read the installation instructions before installation,Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions ,we will respond within 24 hours.

2) Solar Garden Lights Turtles on Log Decoration by Solario

Best Solar Garden Lights

Looking for the perfect garden decoration to crown your compound? One that will be the highlight of your next
barbecue party and attract more compliments than you’ll know what to do with? Then you need to grab this solar
powered turtle ornament! The three cute turtles perched upon a log are hand painted in the most beautiful mix of
orange and green, guaranteed to complement your lovely garden. And when dusk sets in, the shells automatically
emit a warm amber glow that will look amazing by your pond, nestled in some foliage, or right on your yard
impressing everyone that walk by.

Built to Last

Unlike stainless steel statues that easily rust or plastic ones that constantly crack, the ultra-tough polyresin on
this decorative turtle statue can withstand the heat of summer, cold of winter, or the rains in between, without
rusting or chipping. And with all the electrical components housed in a 100% weatherproof compartment, you’ll
experience that warm amber glow without fail all through the seasons!

Here’s why you’ll love this solar animal statue:

– 100% solar powered to greatly cut on power costs.

– High-capacity rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of power.

– Built-in photocell that makes the figure completely automated.

– Completely wireless allowing you to place it anywhere.

– Always remains cool to the touch to make it safe for kids and pets.

3) TIAAN 157807 Solar Powered LED Garden Light Decor

Best Solar Garden Lights
  • Very, very cute frog. It can make your garden more interesting and more vivid
  • Size:10″ L x 8.5″ W x 10.5″ H; Weight: 3.3LB
  • 5 pcs solar panels,1xAA 1.2v Ni-MH rechargeable battery , Super bright LED
  • 8-12 hours lighting
  • Very easy to use and durable

4) Solar Powered Crackle Glass Ball Garden Lights

Best Solar Garden Lights
  • ★ BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING EFFECT: These solar outdoor lights are made using a classic mix of iron and glass that looks amazing during the day, but the color changing LEDs are what really steal the show. They turn on automatically at dusk and cycle through yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue and red, turning any space into an enchanting affair.
  • ★ SAVES ON COSTS: You’ll never have to deal with power bills or constantly replacing batteries with these 100% solar powered color changing crackle lights. They come fitted with a high-capacity 1.2 V 300mAh NiMH battery that can provide up to 8 hours of power when fully charged, with the solar panel charging it in just 5 hours.
  • ★ ENJOY UNRIVALED DURABILITY: With a rust-proof iron stake that doesn’t break and heavy glass ball that resists cracking and chipping, these LED accent decorative lights will give you service for years to come. The weatherproof body withstands rain, shine and snow to work perfectly through all the seasons.
  • ★ INSTALLS IN MINUTES: There is no need for an electrician or running extension power cables. The color changing solar lights are completely wireless, only requiring you to drive them into the ground using the stake around your garden, along a path, or in your yard.
  • ★ BEST VALUE ON AMAZON: You’ll get the greatest bang for your buck with these outdoor garden landscape lights that come in a pack of two. The solar stake lamps are CE and ROHS certified for complying with the highest production standards, with the LED bulbs rated at a whopping 100,000 hours. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

5) Hanging Solar Light For Garden

Best Solar Garden Lights
  • Unique Hanging Solar Garden Lamp with opaque cone lens; Set of Three (3) Cornets per package
  • Glows Brightly and Illuminates Trees and Gardens-Designed to hang from tree limbs and branches
  • A Unique Design Inspired by Cornet Shaped Christmas Ornaments
  • An incredibly unique and inspired design-a hanging cornet shaped illumine scent cone
  • Beautifies your yard, garden and trees; A solar-powered garden tree lamp

How solar powered garden lights work?

These Solar Led Garden lights work through the photovoltaic effect. This is the method that the sunlight produces energy in solar cells. The solar cell can convert sunlight into direct current. This cell has several layers. It consists of a chemical which creates positively charged spaces and crystalline silicone. It also includes chemicals that form negatively charged electrons. As the sun passes through the cell, it triggers the electrons which pass through the cells back into positively charged spaces. The charged spaces will then transfer solar energy through the wires connected to the cell.

This sums up a photovoltaic system. Transferring sunlight into energy, have them stored and using them on solar garden lights. The lights will offer security while at the same time showing the beauty of your garden.

At the top of solar garden light, there is a photovoltaic panel that the lights use. The panel draws sunlight in and charges the battery that comes with the lights. The battery is situated below the panel. The battery is charged throughout the day, and it will be enough to light up the garden path or walkway for the entire night. And the circle repeat itself every day.

Where to place solar garden lights

Solar garden lights may be placed anywhere it can receive sunlight during the day. During landscaping planning, pick a location for solar garden lights where it can get enough sunlight.

If you want your garden lights to last for long and remain effective, ensure that these lights are not placed under a tree or structures that can interfere with exposure to the sun. Consider south exposure. When fully charged, solar garden lights may last for many hours during the summer.

During winter, solar powered garden lights might not receive enough energy, and it might not last through the night. Sunlight hours will be short and nights will be long. It won’t catch up with power consumption. It can even be worse if you live in places where there is snow. The snow will cover the panel, and it can make them ineffective unless cleaned regularly. Perhaps you should store your solar garden lights in places that snow won’t affect them like indoors.

Solar garden lights aesthetics

Solar powered garden lights come in different styles. Some of them have plastic casings while others have to die cast metals. Some offer colored lights while others offer clear lights. Some have a stainless steel look while others have contemporary and country look. People prefer different styles, and you need to consider the type that you need.

When you buy lights that can operate with a separate panel, you can illuminate dark corners. However, such a system has a disadvantage. You will have to bury wires that connect the lights and the panel. The self-contained lights are easy since you just mount your light anywhere you want. However, having a separate panel is good for shady areas. You can have the panel in any place that receives direct sunlight. That way, it will charge the solar lights and illuminate shady areas.

The best solar powered garden light come with LED light bulbs. The LED lights offer bright, clear and the last longer. They also consume less energy and produce little heat. The batteries used nowadays can hold the charge better than the previous ones.

Solar garden lights provide many decorative options you can pick from. Gardeners can create some effect and look. You can also find solar Christmas lights that use LEDs.


Using solar garden lights eliminate the use of outdoor electrical lights. They offer flexibility when it comes to landscaping. Spare some significant time to plan out your garden if you want to benefit from solar lights. Using solar lights is the best way to add illumination and beauty to your garden.

If you want a new trend this year, consider installing solar lights for your outdoor lighting. The type of gardening lighting is still new, but it has been accepted by most landscape designers and homeowners. The reason is simple: solar garden lights don’t use electrical power. Therefore, they are the most eco-friendly and economical solution. No wires are needed during installation. Installation is simple, and they come in different design and style varieties. This is to ensure that every designer can get what they want.

If you want a reliable outdoor lighting for your garden, then you don’t have to go far when searching. You can quicken the search by narrowing it to solar garden light. You can save a huge amount of money on electrical cost. You can see the significant benefit when used in large scale and when used over a long time. Get yourself one, and you won’t be disappointed.

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